Bob Rae Bows Out

by matttbastard


Michael Ignatieff has secured the federal Liberal leadership without a fight after his last remaining rival, longtime friend Bob Rae, bowed out.

Rae informed his supporters of his decision during a conference call this morning and is to make it official at a news conference later today. His decision came just hours after the Liberal national executive rejected his plea to find an expedited way of giving all party members a vote for Stephane Dion’s replacement.

Rae gave his supporters an advance peek at his statement, in which he said he still believes an open process would have been “a vital and healthy process for the party.”

But he vows to accept the party’s choice “without rancour or undue disappointment.”

No, the rancor and disappointment will likely be left to those of us who (perhaps naively) hold faint hope that Iggy will actually do what’s right for Canada, instead of accepting whatever watered down “concessions” Harper offers come January 27th.  

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5 thoughts on “Bob Rae Bows Out

  1. Well, on the bright side of things, no long, expensive, and probably divisive leadership race for the near to bankrupt Liberal Party. And to be blunt, the convention route that selected Dion and would have selected his successor isn’t the most democratic of institutions either and likely would have produced the same result.

    Anyway, while I don’t particularly like Iggy, (nor Re, for that matter), they did truly need to get rid of the incompetent disaster Dion proved to be. I can’t see Ignatieff being worse for the Liberal Party than their current leader was, though I’ve been wrong before.


  2. Actually, as best as I can understand (and I may be wrong) Iggy is only going to be installed as interim leader, with the offical coronation to take place at the convention in May as scheduled. So they are still going the traditionally undemocratic route.


  3. BY: *snerk*

    Is our goose cooked or what. As April Reign said earlier today, we now have a choice between Harper and Harper-Lite.

    Not that there was ever any much better choice.

    We is up teh creek without teh paddle, we is.


  4. I swear there was an “a” there when I typed it.

    Anyway, if it makes you feel any better skdadl, stop focusing so much on the leader and remember that they lead parties, so that the real choice is Harper leading a party with a significant chunk of the membership off in wingnuttia land, and Harper-lite leading a party where at least most of the membership is part of the reality-based community.

    Still has the feel of the lesser of two evils about it, but then that’s the way I’ve felt damned near every time I’ve stepped into the voting booth anyways.


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