Shorter Washington Post

by matttbastard

“Some people are worried that Obama’s cabinet may be too competent and overqualified.”

Yes, because the last thing anyone would want in Washington is people with expertise, ability and actual know-how (to say nothing of ACADEMIC COOTIES!!!1). Government should be more like contemporary Beltway journalism: all hat, no cattle. That way the inherent inadequacies of the Villagers are far less apparent.


h/t Jay Rosen via tweet

Update: Rosen again:

I’m just saying… Obama’s team has no yet one from the Arabian Horse Association or Regent University or the Waco Rotary Club…could hurt.

Oh, snap!

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5 thoughts on “Shorter Washington Post

  1. Moo!

    Similar stuff here is driving me bananas. I wonder what the qualifications for being an msm pundit are — common sense, hard work, and a grasp of the facts don’t seem to be requirements.


  2. I think we have just gotten used to being smarter than our leaders.

    Yep. There’s a lot we’ve gotten used to over the past decade or so that will continue to be challenged by the new political establishment.


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