‘Tis the Season…

by matttbastard


(Anyone wanna pass along this ReligiousTolerance.org post to both Sarah Michalak and Bill O’Reilly?)

Related: Paul the Spud is made of WIN. That is all.

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4 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season…

  1. Jesus, OD. That’s…wow.

    Speaking as a secularist/atheist individual who is fairly secure in his beliefs (or disbeliefs, if you will), it strikes me as amusing/infuriating at how whiny and fauxgrieved many contemporary capital ‘A’ Atheists of the Hitchens/Harris variety are. Talk about rampant victim envy on the part of the privileged.


  2. What the fuck…I had to step away. After a while it is almost like beating your head against a wall is more productive. At least w/ head + wall you eventually go unconscious…


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