Dear Liberal Caucus

Re–Stephane Dion as party leader: Shit or get off the pot–now. Like Simon said:

[W]e need a strong Liberal leader to help build a strong Coalition for Change, which remains our best chance of getting rid of the fascist Con regime. So I don’t care WHO wins as long as the Liberals get their act together.

Right now, petty internal disputes should be secondary to what’s best for the nation–and that sure as hell isn’t Stephen Harper and a possible future Conservative majority.  We need a Parliament that works for all Canadians, not just for the Bay Street elite and the base in rural Alberta.  So please don’t let your party’s natural proclivity for short-sighted infighting and self-authored demise take the rest of the country–the 62% majority–down with you.

Yours in civility,


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2 thoughts on “Dear Liberal Caucus

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  2. Holla! That was well said. I’m sure I could be more articulate than “Holla!” but I’m lazy and it’s the weekend. Plus, that’s as much effort as I can muster up for the dysfunctional Liberals.


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