Truthiness and National Priorities

by matttbastard

533,000 US jobs lost in November, raising the unemployment rate to 6.7%. And they’re still fucking talking about that oft-debunked conspiracy theory regarding Obama’s citizenship.

We are so fucked.

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2 thoughts on “Truthiness and National Priorities

  1. Indeed.

    And here up north, November’s job losses are biggest monthly loss in 26 years

    Canadians lost 71,000 jobs in November – almost triple expectations – and the unemployment rate crept up to 6.3 per cent, as Ontario employers felt the harsh impact of the U.S. recession.

    That’s the biggest month of job losses since the recessionary period of 1982, and puts the unemployment rate at its highest point since November, 2006. In percentage terms, it’s the biggest month of job losses since February, 1991, also a time of recession. It comes after three months of solid job creation in Canada, but widespread job losses elsewhere in the world, especially the United States, mired in recession.

    And all the Canadian government does is talk about ‘separatists’ and locks the doors to parliament for seven weeks.

    We are all soooo fucked.


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