6 thoughts on “On Favreau’s Facebook Fail (and Clinton’s Clever Comeback)

  1. Rush in drag! Campbell Brown is looking a little too hard for ways to criticize Hilary and make her out to be a hypocrite. Campbell Brown’s commentary is lame at best. Perhaps If we look hard enough one day we’ll see a cardboard cutout of Campbell Brown with Rush Limbaugh humping it and not even offering her a beer..if we look even harder, we may find that it isn’t even a cardboard cut-out..it’s the real thing, Campbell Brown in her post partum overreactive hyperactive glory.


  2. Campbell Brown should have gone to battle for Hillary instead of making her politically incorrect. It seems Hillary let the incident slide because she didn’t want to promote it further. It’s up to the rest of us, especially our commentators and reporters to vilify the slugs, not the victim. Slap the villain with some harsh words and get on with serious issues. Mrs. Brown has shown her bias with some trivial reporting.


  3. How many articles is Campbell going to write about sexism?! She’s worse that the boy who cried wolf! EVERYTHING that happens that pertains to a female policitican or professional is sexism. This was evident throughout the entire presidental campaign, and is obviously continuing now. People are going to do (and say) what they want to do, and while this was a case of people being totally juvenille, if Hillary wasn’t bothered by it and decided she had more important things to focus on, then why is Campbell so up in arms about it? She’s setting the stage where men will feel like they can’t say anything to women, for fear of it being labeled a sexist. As a professional working woman, I agree there has to be a certain decorum in the political and professional world in the way that men and women interact with one another, but trying to control what people do (or say) outside of that arena is pointless and a waste of time. Surely there are other topics that she can write about and not focus her career solely on being the woman who always screamed ‘sexism’!


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