Shocking Development No One Could Have Predicted!!11one

by matttbastard

Government House Leader Jay Hill just confirmed during a Newsworld interview that Uncle Steve will ask the Governor General to suspend Parliament to save his ass for the good of the nation.

Gee, what a surprise.

And to think that up until late last week most of the nation likely thought “proroguing” was a special Albertan method of cooking perogies.

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5 thoughts on “Shocking Development No One Could Have Predicted!!11one

  1. Heh — mattt, when I wrote a comment mentioning proroguing at either FDL or EW a few days ago, someone came along and did a riff on perogies. All in fun, o’ course.


  2. An even better tidbit from Jay’s exchange with Martin Stringer on CPAC was the fact that the government house leader on the eve of Harper’s visit was not aware of what arguements the PM would make to the GG in support of prorogation.
    He said something to the degree that he did not know and would not be able to state publically even IF he knew.
    Now, not showing your cards is completely understandable, but what does it say about Harper that he won’t even let his house leader in on his plans.
    So very democratic.


  3. And a bad sport to boot. I heard on The Current that Harper would cancel his trip to open up a new Honda plant with Premier McGuinty if he didn’t get the answer he wanted from the GG.


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