Shorter Stephen Harper

by matttbastard

Saving Canada from devilish deals since 2008

“Ok, so my sweater-vest was in the wash, and I didn’t have anything new to say–but hopefully my soothing Polka-Dot Door voice was enough to distract the Canadian people away from the fact that the historical record isn’t exactly on my side.”

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8 thoughts on “Shorter Stephen Harper

  1. Beijing York,
    I think it might have a modest effect. Repetition is important in advertizing and this was one more repetition of the message, to an audience I have to assume was fairly large.
    It also served to present calmer images of Mr. Harper, to counterbalance the vindicative Harper we’ve seen on the news (the Question Period clips we’ve been seeing). I think that’s fairly important because he’ll be taking a walk to the Governor General tomorrow – Angry PM cannot go to the GG, it has to be Earnest PM. That’s the one they showed us tonight.


  2. I watched Sesame Street in French on CCTV, bitchez!

    Can’t wait. I am also trying to figure out Canadian politics, b/c I am fairly ignorant of how they work…this seems a great place to start…


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