Apparently We’re All Supposed To Be Shocked and Outraged Now (OH NOES–SEPARATISTS! SOCIALISTS!)

by matttbastard

Shorter Stephen Harpercons:

“How dare those undemocratic Opposition leaders (SEPARATISTS! SOCIALISTS!) actually take their parliamentary duties seriously!”

Regarding the high dudgeon and great consternation from the Serious Set (farts in Bob Fife’s general direction) at the notion of the Bloc and the NDP (SEPARATISTS! SOCIALISTS!) doing the unthinkable and actually *gasp* talking with each other, what Impolitical said:

…and? It’s news that the NDP and Bloc have been speaking? In a minority parliament? How scandalous. The other parties outnumber the Conservatives and if the Conservatives aren’t acting in a manner that the other parties agree with…then such discussions are entirely appropriate. It’s appropriate to explore at any moment and lay the groundwork for alternatives in an inherently fragile parliament, which, contrary to Conservative spinning, it is.

Uncle Steve appears to have become quite enamoured with governing like he had a majority last session (thanks in large part to perpetual Liberal acquiescence) and seemed fully prepared to continue the trend in the current session. Alas, in actuality, the Conservatives only hold a minority of seats in Parliament and minority governments have to maintain the confidence of the House. If the government loses the confidence of the House, the government falls.

Maybe if Mr. Harper weren’t so hostile to the concept of Canadian parliamentary democracy he might, y’know, have a better understanding of how it works [link corrected — mb].

Regardless, methinks Fife (SEPARATISTS! SOCIALISTS!) should perhaps pay more attention to the real scandal here: Members of our government are apparently so terrified their little empire may be in decline and on the brink of collapse that they believe it’s entirely appropriate (justified, even) to employ what some might call Nixonian ratfucking tactics, specifically, “invade other party telephone calls, tape them and distribute [them] to the media”, as Impolitical put it. Or are such piddling matters simply not newsworthy inside the Queensway cocktail circuit? Oh, wait, I forgot — Guy Giorno already sent out the script, and you’re not allowed to make any rewrites mid-production.


Related: Chet takes a closer look at the the ongoing meltdown in Toryland (update: more here), while fern muses about drafting a list of demands now that our not-so-New (perhaps soon-to-be-former) Canadian Government is in such a giving mood. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to pour a glass of schadenfreude shiraz to sip on while I observe the all-too-amusing exhibit of wingnut splutter and flail.

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6 thoughts on “Apparently We’re All Supposed To Be Shocked and Outraged Now (OH NOES–SEPARATISTS! SOCIALISTS!)

  1. More signs of absolute desperation on the part of the Harper Conservatives.

    Frankly, the most important thing is for the opposition parties to remain calm as the CPC clutch at straws. They are their own worst enemy when they’re this desperate.

    I sure hope the NDP don’t get tempted with defensiveness of this whole conversation issue. I truly believe that would be a negative distraction that would benefit Harper.


  2. If the government loses the confidence of the House, the government falls.

    Who bankrolled Harper to get him elected in the first place?

    How have they benefited?

    How will they benefit again when Canada collapses economically?

    These answers are key to understanding what is going on, and why Canada, the US and Mexico may be merged into one nation, called North American Union, which will have a new currency. The original goal for this was 2010. It will be interesting to see if goes down on schedule.

    I wrote about this over the summer if you’re interested, or just surf the net. The answers are there.


  3. Honestly, I’m still kind of walking around in shock at the fact that something is happening. Seriously, I’ve gotten so used to massive levels of complacency (among both politicians and the electorate, for the most part) that the concept of a functioning democracy is still a little tentative from my angle.


  4. In order for any party to pass legislation in a minority government there has to be a coalition. This debate has nothing to do with whether or not there should be a coalition but rather a coalition of whom.
    The people of Canada voted for a minority government and we have it. In Canada a minority government is a coalition government. Harper does not have the seats to form a majority government he needs to form a coalition and if he is not willing to do so it appears one will form without him.
    Minority governments and the coalitions they produce usually are good for the people because their legislation is based on open debate, logic and common sense; something that has been missing in Canadian politics for some time.
    I would be very interested if we learned that the Liberals, NDP or Block decided to support the Tories how this debate would unfold, as the many Harper fans having badmouthed all three parties would want nothing to do with the corrupted Liberals, socialist NDP or separatist Bloc.
    Sorry to tell you guys this but Harper has to form a coalition with someone if he wants to remain Prime minster otherwise the coalition will form without him like it or not. There is no excuse to call another election just because Steve didn’t like the results.
    This is the same process Mr. Harper tried to do to the Liberals in 2004. Why now is he crying because it is about to bite him in the ass.


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