The Ripper Strikes Back (A Cynical Beef)

by matttbastard

“Nigga you want the fame, now you’re famous overnight
Famous for getting fucked by a stick of dynamite.”

Update: This is so becoming my new tagline:

Ti-Guy said…

Ah, he’s always screeching about something or other. The archetypal moonbat.

You know you’ve hit the big time when butt-hurt fauxgressives start lobbing teh lazy right-wing slurs.

I’m goin underground and blowin your rep down
Next time, save that shit for the Lyricist’s Lounge

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Ralph Nader Calls President-Elect Barack Obama an ‘Uncle Tom’

by matttbastard

Last night was historic in many ways. Not only did we witness Obama grabbing the keys to the White House. We also were privileged to see perennial spoiler candidate Ralph Nader finally–finally–reach his best before date:

Shep Smith FTW: “He’s always complaining how we never give him any time…well, there’s his time.”

h/t The Bastard Machine via Sylvia/M

Update: A visibly saddened Joe Gandelman eulogizes Nader’s expired relevance:

Watching Ralph Nader now is very painful for many of us who grew up in the 1960s. I can remember driving from my parent’s house in Woodbridge, CT back to Colgate University in Hamilton, New York in a brutal snowstorm, listening to a newscast detail the latest battle of a young crusading Connecticut lawyer named Ralph Nader. Many baby boomers wanted to be just like him. When Nader ran for President in 2000 — like him or not — it was all about content. Since then, Nader seems to be all about someone who craves attention.

“Craves attention”–bingo. Made perfectly evident by his Guinness world record for most speeches in a single day, along with Tuesday’s ‘satirical’ single-word press conference (to say nothing of his other race-baiting incident earlier in the campaign.) Seriously, hit the fucking gong, get the hook and hustle this clown off stage once and for all.

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