Sarah Palin Gets Punked by The Masked Avengers

by matttbastard

Vive le Quebec! Vive les comedians du Quebec! Vive Nicholas Sarkozy et Jean Charest!

(Transcript here, h/t Hilzoy for the YouTube)

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10 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Gets Punked by The Masked Avengers

  1. Don’t know how you’re French is, mattt, but the title of the faux song ‘written’ by MMe. Bruni-Sarkozy?

    Rouge de levre sur un cochon = Lipstick on a pig.

    There were some other ‘tells’ there: Special advisor Johnny Hallyday (google that name); and they also slipped a ‘phoque’ into the conversation.

    F’ing brilliant!


  2. Brilliant! Felicitations to the
    Masked Avengers!

    It’s becoming increasingly obvious that Ms. Palin needs little assistance making a fool of herself. Marc-Antoine gave her ample clues that something was amiss. Two questions — does it violate her 1st amendment rights when Canadian journalists punk her? What more does the American electorate need to know about this silly woman to make up their minds?


  3. OMFG, you’d think her handlers would screen a little better than that! These guys have punked everyone from Chretien to HRH La Reine Elizabeth (the Queen). Way to go, I laughed and laughed. This is what I refer to as, ‘Piss your pants FUN!” Expecially the Hustler ‘nailin Palin’ bit. How bloody stupid they are when they swoon over the French that they only hated a short two years ago when Rumsfeld referred to them and others as OLD EUROPE. They are stupid lot aren’t they?!


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