Al Jazeera: Courting the ‘grey’ vote

by matttbatard

Elderly voters are considered to be the most reliable group of voters in the US, needing no encouragement to get down to the polling station.

So, it’s no surprise that senior citizens have become one of the most courted votes during this campaign. Al Jazeera’s Rob Reynolds reports.

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2 thoughts on “Al Jazeera: Courting the ‘grey’ vote

  1. That’s right, young whippersnappers. Us geezers vote! ;-)

    Yesterday I had a bit of a shock when I read a post at one of my favourite American sites that referred to this election as the last hurrah of the boomers. Wha? The oldest of the boomers is now only 62. Let’s keep some perspective, kids.

    The boomers are a complicated lot, but I do think that they are generally still a more liberal bunch than the generation ahead of them, and of course there will be a whole lot of them for a while. So the courting of the grey vote is likely to remain an important factor in everyone’s elections. I hope that that is a good thing.

    And I’m ready and waiting to be courted. ;-)


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