Strange Days (I give ’em a ‘B’ for ‘buh?!’)

by matttbastard

Michelle Malkin responds to the news that PA McCain volunteer (and College Republican) Ashley Todd, who claimed on Thursday to have been attacked by a big scary black Obama supporter, made the whole damn thing up (ZOMGWTFBBQ NO WAIS!):

Final lesson: Trust your instincts. Use your brains. Stop jumping every time Drudge hypes something in Armageddon-sized font.

You know there’s something really, really wrong with everything when Michelle freakin’ Malkin (who, it should be noted, was instantly skeptical of Todd’s dubious tale) calls bullshit on a right-wing smear, assumes the voice of reason and makes sense.

Insert preferred cliche re: blind squirrels and stopped clocks here.

Related: More from Jay Bookman, Pam Spaulding, and Renee Martin, who addresses the alltoofamiliar ugly racial subtext behind Todd’s fallacious claim.

Sez Martin:

The black man is the convenient scapegoat, because he has been constructed as a violent savage by society. As the mother of two black sons, the degree to which this social construction has been used to uphold the purity of white women, while resulting in the death of black men, enrages me.

Some will say that we should not judge Todd too harshly and that perhaps she is suffering from a mental disability, but the fact remains that what she did was purposeful and it was racist. Disability aside, her choice in creating a tale of a vicious black male attacker was not accidental.


The black male rapist is exactly what society expects, and the idea that a black man is not born naturally desiring to possess the white female is viewed as fantastical by some. The fact that Todd thought that adding sexual assault to her complaint would increase her believability proves the degree to which this construction has been accepted.


Whatever mental health issues Todd may or may not have, she was successful in initially being believed because of the social expectations that have been attached to both…white women and black men.

Also check out Keith Olbermann, who explores the role played by local McCain campaign officials in hyping the story to local media outlets (h/t Pam):

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4 thoughts on “Strange Days (I give ’em a ‘B’ for ‘buh?!’)

  1. From the minute I heard this woman’s story not only did I disbelieve her, I was instantly angry. As I look at my beautiful little boys, I know that it is only a matter of years before these racist connotations attach themselves to their bodies and this has got to stop. The color of ones skin should not serve as an indicator for the propensity to commit violence.
    Todd was not the first and she will be the last to make this kind of claim. People need to understand how damaging this is to the black male psyche. There are so many lessons that I wish that I didn’t have to teach my sons, but living in the racist world that we do not teaching them that people will judge them based on the color of their skin is exposing them to an unnecessary risk.


  2. Cute Republican ploy of blaming the “media” – (yanno, the LIBERAL media) for blowing this story up. Honey, you might want to speak to Matt Drudge…

    Mental problems my ass. She’s a little racist git who thought she was doing Sarah Palin a favour.


  3. The Republicans should be a bit more worried about the real stories of hate and racism out there that are being filmed every day by brave people who are documenting these hate filled rallies which will in turn document for all time how McCain created an atmosphere of fear and hate at this very important juncture in American History.


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