Shorter David Frum

by matttbastard

“I’ll show those playa-hatin’ motherfuckers at The Corner who’s down with the Georgetown cocktail party circuit!

(Yeesh. Only a partisan hack born and bred in the Great White North could launch an ad hominem attack with such oily, passive aggressive guilelessness while simultaneously bemoaning the sorry state of contemporary political discourse. Frum’s bullshit-coated doe-eyed innocent routine is as Canadian as maple fucking syrup–just ask Jason Cherniak.)

h/t Lauren (by way of J&JP)

Update: Also see Dr Prole @ ACR

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4 thoughts on “Shorter David Frum

  1. Rachel is magnificent. I would have been leaping through the screen at Frum. She proved her point by modelling rather than telling. I wish I were that strong.


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