Conservative MP Suggests Stephen Harper Party Will Reopen Abortion Debate

by matttbastard

Oopsie–somebody’s slip is showing:

This is what happens when you don’t hand out enough muzzles to keep the pack from howling…

h/t A View from the Left

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9 thoughts on “Conservative MP Suggests Stephen Harper Party Will Reopen Abortion Debate

  1. Harper knows any talk of reopening the abortion debate would hurt him. He’s sitting on a pro-life/anti-choice volcano vis-a-vis his base and a large swath of his MPs.


  2. As I have commented on other blogs:

    You’re marked for life before you’re born; you’re marked for death after you’re born.

    Next, should we support the death penalty for 14 year olds? Hmm.


  3. Strategic voting should have an entirely different meaning in elections now with the new financing laws. Where each party gets annual funding from the federal government based on the number of votes cast in the last election, every vote counts.

    By accumulating votes, even in ridings where there is no hope of winning, Green Party and NDP supporters can ensure the future institutional capacity of their party to launch future elections and maintain a national standing and presence.

    By accumulating only 1000 votes in every riding, the party would receive funding of more than $300,000 per year. This is substantial and could mean future success.

    Strategic voting for the NDP and Greens means looking to the long term … not just this election.


  4. ferrethouse: yes, how dare teh Grits force innocent Tories into unwittingly–and on CAMERA too–saying problematic things like abortion is “a crime”, and then make them muse about changing laws re: reproductive freedom. I am sure there is a sizable silent majority who shares your disdain for those who would dare use a Tory’s own words against him in order to make a point about the Conservative agenda. What we DIDN’T see was Bob Rae, out of camera range, holding one of Harper’s cute ‘n’ cuddly kittens over a bucket of water.

    That’s right — no shame. No values. No decency.

    Great Harper reigns.

    (Gee, damn good thing I’m, um, not a member of the Liberal Party of Canada, eh? You stupid wad of Blue-sweatered fuck.)

    Re: strategic voting and public funding: Too bad Liz May didn’t have the chance to read JC’s comment before tossing most of her candidates under the big Green Red bus.

    Yeah. Way to restore a cynical electorate’s faith in the democratic system, Liz.


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