Obama/McCain Debate LiveTweet/Drinking Game

by matttbastard

Via my homegrrl Sylvia/M:

First Presidential Debate Drinking Game/LiveTweet TONIGHT at 9 p.m. EST!For McCain:

  • “maverick”
  • “my friends”
  • “went against my own party”

For Obama:
“reached across party lines”
“reached across the aisles”
BFP mentioned when he lulls his head around to keep from looking at the camera.
“America wants change…”

skdadl adds:

For McCain: any mention of his time as a POW.

Oh, did you know that he was a POW? Well, he was. John McCain was a POW. You can’t be reminded of that often enough…

Here are the hashtags so far:

  • #obamashot
  • #mccainshot
  • #lehrershot (“for every time Jim Lehrer says “Senator, 2 minutes”” as per NPR Politics)

Feel free to add your own shot/hashtag suggestions in comments and yours truly will update this post.

Update: Sylvia/M adds:

  • McCain reference to “change” = double shot
    Mention of “hope” = shot
    Obama’s “Now, listen…” = shot
  • References to “Main Street” = shot

Update 2: Lauren @ Feministe expands for teh mainstream:



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The Grits Go There

by matttbastard

Liberals call out Conservatives on Bernier-Couillard scandal, Uncle Steve goes on the defensive:

The Liberal Party called on members of the Harper government today to divulge any information in their possession on the Bernier-Couillard affair to the RCMP.

While the RCMP refused to comment on its investigation, Liberal candidate Bob Rae said that people with information on the matter should not wait for the Mounties to come to their doors.

“The RCMP is investigating this with the seriousness it deserves. In contrast, the Harper government has shown an appalling lack of judgment on this whole affair. It has no choice but to fully co-operate with the RCMP now,” Mr. Rae said in an early morning statement.

The Liberal Party was picking up on a report in The Globe and Mail that the RCMP are pursuing the politically charged investigation in the midst of the federal election campaign.


Conservative Leader Stephen Harper said he knows nothing about the investigation, but he nonetheless added that members of his government are not the target of the probe. Trying to contain any political fallout, a bristling Mr. Harper returned at the end of a news conference to a question from a Globe reporter who asked whether it would be appropriate for the RCMP to interview Mr. Bernier during the election campaign.


“I want to make it absolutely clear, because I do not want this story distorted: There is no suggestion that the RCMP is investigating Minister Bernier. Period. Quite frankly, any question that tries to suggest otherwise is misleading and inaccurate,” Mr. Harper said.


“Let’s be very clear: Mr. Bernier and nobody in this government is under investigation by the RCMP. The RCMP, we understand from stories, may be investigating some private individuals, but frankly I do not know if that’s true and I do not know the details,” he said.

As they say, developing.

Related: RCMP actively probes Couillard affair, patronage allegations surface: The Globe and Mail.

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