Understanding Islamic Leadership – Irshad Manji

by matttbastard


Muslim-Canadian author and commentator Irshad Manji explains clerical authority in Islam, and how the religion’s lack of a unified organizational system could open the door to reform.

Click here for full video.

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One thought on “Understanding Islamic Leadership – Irshad Manji

  1. ok? so basically what shes saying is, that Islam doesnt have a pope really and that now with the internet, we are able to gain more knowledge about islam without our traditional parent views? There is a Quran and Hadiths whom we look to, and Islamic Scholars, and Imams…. Islam doesnt need new inventions, or the “new testiment quran version”… because thats not islam, Islam is the Quran & Hadith, just like Christianity is the Bible, and Jeudaism is the Torah and the Talmood… anything else is just add on, which really isnt the religion, anything you add will never be from the religion…. Plus Irshrad Manji isnt the brightest coin in the collection bin to be putting her nickles and dimes opinions where dollar bills should be placed…


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