“A dogwhistle of mythic proportions.”

by matttbastard

File under ‘uppity n*gger’:

As Liss points out in her must-read critique of the ad,

For those keeping score at home, the McCain campaign has, in its official adverts, obliquely called Obama uppity, a wild animal, a pedophile, and a sexist (on dubious grounds) this week alone.

And McCain, that maverick stalwart of fauxtegrity, put his personal seal of approval on each and every one of them.

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3 thoughts on ““A dogwhistle of mythic proportions.”

  1. Good lookin’ is a slur? Hell, I’ve been calling Obama and Biden good-looking all this time, and I thought I was rallying the troops for them.

    mattt, I tells ya, these are the strangest two elections I’ve ever watched, and I go back a ways.


  2. Dog whistle is right. Disrespectful? Can’t challenge the master, or his wife for that matter. Oh yeah, and slavery was sooooo long ago, as to why we still practice some of its valued culture today. [/sarcasm]


  3. Yeah, Biden, the one who actually called Palin good looking, was making a self-deprecatory joke about his own looks, and in fact, in that same talk, called Obama better looking than himself (and surely you can’t say he was trying to belittle his own running mate).

    Of course, putting Obama’s smiling face next to the words totally loses that context.

    Fact Check called out misrepresentations in that ad:



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