Stupid is as Stupid Does (Whatever the Hell That Means)

by matttbastard

“I’m not the only winner today — everybody wins.”

Yes, Liz, everybody wins. See you at the debate.

h/t Leftdog

Update 09/11: Since the GPC has apparently tried to SLAPP Leftdog in a grammatically incoherent fashion (all your slander are belong to us!), and in light of transplants’ comment, I thought it best to include a link to the full quote in proper context. Judge for yourselves. Bottom line: If anyone feels I should remove the imbedded video, I shall do so.

Regardless, I regret any unintentionally slanderous implications.

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One thought on “Stupid is as Stupid Does (Whatever the Hell That Means)

  1. Hold on a minute, I was finally able to connect to that audio clip (it was being flooded last night), and her exact words were:
    Quote: All the other politicians are scared to death to mention the word tax and they think Canadians are stupid…

    It’s not clear in the truncated clip what ‘assessment’ May is referring to when she then says as an aside:
    Quote:…and I fundamentally agree with that assessment…

    Is the assessment that she agrees with:
    a) Canadians are stupid
    b) they [all the other politicians] think Canadians are stupid
    or is it
    c) the premise of the question itself:

    Quote: If all of you seem to agree that environmental costs need to be internalised and a carbon tax is one way of doing that, why is there so little political will for a carbon tax?

    I think it’s c, but I don’t know for sure, and I would like to know as the distinction matters a very great deal.
    It seems to me that people are hearing what they want to hear and putting those words into May’s mouth as her own.

    What ever faults you find with May and the Greens, and there are obviously a good many very serious ones, I don’t think believing that Canadians are stupid is one of them.

    (Then again, given her political antics, maybe it is.)


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