Elizabeth May Gets a Spot in the Debate

by matttbastard

(Image: ItzaFineDay, Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license)

So, now that the Green teapot tempest has finally subsided, does this mean we’re going to stop letting Uncle Steve and his merry band of puffin-pooping political strategists go all Rick Davis on the Canadian electoral landscape and get back to, y’know, those pesky issues?

Right, I forgot–this election is all about power grabs who can rock a sweater or cast a fishing lure with more fauxcenticity.

We’re doomed.

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5 thoughts on “Elizabeth May Gets a Spot in the Debate

  1. I think we are doomed. I am very dismayed by how fractured the opposition has become in just one short week. This is exactly what Harper wants.

    It’s a sad state of affairs when the only political statements that I can stand by have come from a former Tory leader and a current provincial Conservative leader. That’s pretty damn pathetic.


  2. This election should not be happening atm. The time to strike was last spring. Dion and Co. were too clever by half. The opposition is allowing the Cons to dictate the narrative, reacting in a disgustingly Pavlovian manner.

    None of these clowns deserve to win a free ticket in the 649, let alone the keys to 24 Sussex.


  3. True enough about clowns. They are a sad bunch but only because of those upside down smiles :-)

    I think the opposition should have read the public better and closed rank to bring the house down over the extension of the Afghanistan invasion/occupation. Just think of the number Canadian and Afghanistan lives that would have been saved. Plus, it was early enough in the game that none of those obnoxious omnibus bills would have ever come to see the light of day.


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