More On Blair Wilson, Elizabeth May, and The Green Party of Canada

by matttbastard

Self-described “card-carrying Green” Stuart Hertzog is none too pleased that Blair Wilson is now Canada’s first Green MP:

Why don’t I see this as good news? Because in accepting Blair Wilson into its ranks, Green Party of Canada leader Elizabeth May has shown that she’s prepared to throw out fundamental Green political principles just so she can be included in the nationally-televised leadership debate. Put simply, that sucks.


[W]hat effect will this appointment from ‘on high’ of a fallen Liberal star as Canada’s history-making first ‘Green’ MP have on local Green Party members? Were they consulted about this, or did they learn about it from the media?

I’m not living in that riding, but as a card-carrying Green I’m disgusted with this display of old-style, back-room political thinking that believes that secret negotiations to persuade star candidates to run under the Green Party banner is the way to open, democratic politics and ecological security.

Such shenanigans may create a brief flurry in the media — but at what cost? Blair Wilson MP has done well in the past by toeing the Liberal Party line, but the Liberal party’s environmental record is not good. Canadians saw little genuine progress in environmental enforcement during the decades it was in power.

Has Blair Wllson suddenly discovered a new ecological consciousness as a newly-minted Green? Or is his greening as pale as the current attempt to paint the Liberal Party green after its decades of environmental neglect? What are his Green credentials? He may call himself a Green MP — but is he really one?


Green politics was supposed to be different, an alternative to the moral and financial corruption of old-style politics. But Canada’s Green parties seem to have drifted away from these Green ideals. As the Green ‘brand’ grows in popularity, a new wave of political opportunists are hopping aboard the Green Party wagon as it trundles slowly but seemingly inevitably towards Ottawa.

Make sure to read the whole thing.  I think pogge nails it when he says (in comments; scroll down) “[t]he way to fix a broken electoral system isn’t to game it even more by exploiting whatever loopholes you can find. That’s a recipe for making voters [and, apparently, ideological partisans–mb] even more cynical than they already are.”

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9 thoughts on “More On Blair Wilson, Elizabeth May, and The Green Party of Canada

  1. See why I luvs pogge?

    The Canadian Greens — I just feel so worn out on this topic. They are so obviously not progressive, and they’re not even coherent — they change tack with every new leader they get, although they always look kinda Librul, if not right-wing Democrat, which is what I take May to be.


  2. …they always look kinda Librul, if not right-wing Democrat…

    I dunno–they were going all-out for the market-friendly Tory-light image under Jim Harris (even if that ultimately proved to be an epic FAIL strategy).


  3. Whatever happened to Jim Harris? Does he have anything to do with the party? All I know is that he certainly drove out lots of genuinely progressive people. The NDP should take note of what happens when you try to shift a party to compete with the big fellows.


  4. Where’s Jim?

    Still a GPC bigwig. Today he’s in Guelph campaigning with their first MP and calling it ” like being in Berlin the day the Berlin Wall fell. It’s like being in South Africa when Nelson Mandela was liberated from jail — or the day he was inaugurated as President.”


  5. Under Jim Harris, the Green Party adopted a strategy to run candidates in all ridings. That strategy pushed the party over the 2% threshold then required by Elections Canada in order to receive federal funding. That stable funding allowed the party to grow.

    Harris remains active in the party and despite some thinking he drove out a lot of people, the party grew exponentially under his leadership. Harris was a Progressive Conservative up until he was about 23 or 24. He then was a founding member of the GPC. He’s not a conservative although he does recognize that without the support of the business sector, green initiatives will not prosper. I heard him speak recently and he’s not fooled by greenwashing, either.

    Yes, we Greens are excited at the prospect of finally seeing our leader facing off with the other party leaders in the televised debates. I guess some people would rather keep our democracy in the hands of 5 high powered TV network executives who make up rules as they go along and answer to nobody but their corporate masters.

    Harris has dedicated his adult life to the Green Party. During his tenure, party leaders and officials were unpaid — even at the federal level. Elizabeth May is less corporate friendly than Jim, I think. There are good businesses that are developing green technologies and creating greencollar jobs. I have no problem being friendly and supportive to such businesses. There are also bad corporations raping the planet and pumping filth into the atmosphere. Greens, including Harris, speak out against the bad while supporting the good.

    Harris has been working for over 20 years to see a Green MP. Yeah, he’s a little giddy and over the top. Who wouldn’t be after working so long and so hard?



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