Ends and Means

by matttbastard


The day that Mr. Emerson “crossed the floor” to the Conservative party was a dark day for Canadian democracy… He has betrayed his supporters and the entire electorate in Vancouver Kingsway. He has put his personal goals ahead of those of the electorate.

– Arno Schortinghuis, Green Party candidate for Vancouver-Kingsway, in official Green Party press release, February 17th 2006.

I’ll enjoy having Elizabeth May explain why her party did a total…180° on that one at the debates.

Oh, snap! Welcome to prime time, Liz.

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3 thoughts on “Ends and Means

  1. From what I’ve read on this, Wilson did not cross the floor. He was booted from the Liberal Party in fall of 2007, almost a year ago. Since then, he’s been sitting as an independent. Now, he’s joined the Greens. Maybe my definition is too narrow but I would say that floor crossing involves moving from one party to another. Wilson moved from being an independent (i.e. no party) to being a Green.

    Emerson, by contrast, was sitting as a Liberals and crossed over to the Cons. He was not turfed by the Liberals and he spent zero time as an independent.



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