Obey DNC: Denver Riot Cop Viciously Assaults, Arrests Code Pink Protester

by matttbastard

To paraphrase The Strokes, “Mile High city cops/they ain’t too smaaart”:

The Rocky Mountain News:

A police officer was videotaped Tuesday shoving a CodePink protester hard to the ground without any apparent sign of provocation.

Footage of the incident prompted the city’s independent monitor to call for a review and the police department’s Internal Affairs Bureau to request a copy of the tape.

Police arrested Alicia Forrest, 24, a Los Angeles resident whom CodePink representatives identified as the woman involved in the altercation, shortly afterward as she was addressing reporters just outside Civic Center.

The arrest – in which Forrest was grabbed and hauled away from reporters – also was caught on camera, and CodePink legal liaison Sally Newman said Forrest was doing “nothing violent at all” to incur either the shove or the arrest.

“Horror, shock and total support of Alicia,” said CodePink spokeswoman Jean Stevens, describing the reaction when she and other members of the antiwar group viewed the video for the first time. “We wish we could help. We wish we could be with her.”

Three guesses what the police spin is:

Lt. Ron Saunier, a Denver police spokesman, said the 30-second clip was “kind of jumpy” on his computer and that it doesn’t provide enough context.

“Just shown in that context, you don’t get what the whole dynamics or the full situation is,” he said.

Yeah, who are you gonna believe — a sniveling PR flack, or your lyin’ eyes?

More from the RMN on Alicia Forrest:

[Forrest]…is tired from the ordeal, but “she’s optimistic for further CodePink action and progress for the week,” her organization said in a statement.

“I was standing up for my free speech rights, showing support for a fellow activist,” Forrest said in the statement. “If anything, this has showed me how powerful standing up for your beliefs can be, and how necessary it is for the truth to get out even in the face of resistance.”

Powerful and, therefore, as far as those who are empowered to demand obedience at all costs are concerned, a threat (to their authority, their ego, their apparently fragile manhood).

h/t Hysperia and bfp

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7 thoughts on “Obey DNC: Denver Riot Cop Viciously Assaults, Arrests Code Pink Protester

  1. Cowardly wimps. It takes three or four of those brutes to move a relatively small woman?

    And these are the folks who want tasers.


  2. I just happen to know Alicia personally, as we were roomies at the CodePink house this summer. She’s not a “hot-head” nor antagonistic, actually she’s kind, loving and quite jovial. The brutality upon her person, I believe, can only be explained by CodePink’s seeming “victory” at the Pelosi demonstration the day prior-wherein the cops stood astounded and defeated against well educated, quick-witted and garishly bedecked women whose weapons are peace and pink. That cop AND his superiors need maximum, violent criminal jail time. Police State???


  3. jamie, I hope Alicia recovers. I mean no insult to either her or you when I say, to be a “hot head” would not be to deserve this treatment.


  4. What kind of context do we need to understand that a tiny woman in a pink crown was no threat to this police officer. He violently assaulted her and should be charged. Of course they are trying to tell us that we should not believe our eyes. This is ridiculous and further proof that the police do not exist to protect us but to protect the interests of the ruling bourgeoisie .


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