PSA: Protest against transphobia and sex worker oppression

by matttbastard

Via Shameless:

The Maitland Homewood Safety Association [of Toronto] is waging a campaign to rid their neighbourhood of trans sex workers. Every Friday and Saturday starting at 11pm the Association goes out armed with flashlights to [harass] the women working in the neighbourhood. There have been some reports that the members of the Association have physically assaulted transwomen.

If you care about the rights of trans and sex working women to be free of harassment and nimbyism (which you should) and are free this Friday, then join us Friday August 15th at 11pm at Homewood and Maitland to show our support to the women in the neighbourhood, as well as to send a clear message to the Homewood-Maitland Safety Association that violence and harassment against trans women will not be tolerated.

PLEASE NOTE: Organizers of this event are being targeted by this group, we need as many people there as possible to ensure our safety. For more info on the [Association’s] transphobia please check out

Facebook event listing here, more on the MHSA here.

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5 thoughts on “PSA: Protest against transphobia and sex worker oppression

  1. “There have been some reports that the members of the Association have physically assaulted transwomen.”

    Who has reported this aside from the organizers themselves?


  2. Had I still lived in Toronto I would have been there for sure. What do these people gain from immersing themselves in this kind of virulent hate? I will never understand it.


  3. This is a pack of lies ! – I live in the neighborhood – They are just fed-up residents that want loud and aggressive tran-sex-workers out of the area because they are causing so much trouble…

    Saying they “assaulted’ prostitutes is a false accusation !


  4. I find the hypocracy amazing. I lived in Toronto and Vancouver for many years. It wasnt the prostitutes that caused the problems. It was the pimps, the drug pushers and sometimes violent young men rolling the punters. The punters tended to be middle aged business men, who make use of the sex workers but the following day lead the denunciations. Also, most of this is about property speculation. The areas where prostitution is prolific tend to be underpriced, the speculators get in, change the neighborhood, sell and make a tidy profit. The issue is not about sex workers themselves.


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