2 thoughts on “08.06.1945

  1. [PS: I just wrote this over at Lotus’s blog, don’t think he’ll mind if I steal my own comments!]


    Am I just allowed to say that it stabs me in the heart that they named it TRINITY?

    The Third Person of the Christian Trinity is the Holy Spirit. However, the Third Person of the Hindu Trinity is Shiva, wherein the mangled phrase came: “I am become death, destroyer of worlds…” spoken by Oppenheimer. In short, I can’t figure out which Trinity he was defaming. (The Christian Trinity obviously derives from the Hindu Trinity, so I can’t help but think he was referencing BOTH.)

    Whichever, it always sickens me to hear the word TRINITY, the whole theological concept of a manifestation of God-on-Earth, spoken in connection with the bomb. It’s probably the most profane thing I can imagine.


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