John Hagee: Stay-At-Home Dads Go to Hell

by matttbastard

What did Michael Keaton ever do to Pastor Haterade anyway?

Besides, I was under the impression that full-time caregivers were already in hell…

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7 thoughts on “John Hagee: Stay-At-Home Dads Go to Hell

  1. Ain’t nobody taking care of a house, kids, bills, errands, meals, etc. etc, sitting on their backside doing nothing anyway.

    And providing a home for your kids and wife is still providing something of value, isn’t it?


  2. Why doesn’t John Hagee have a “manly” job such as working in a factory? For example, those gay steel mill workers on the Simpsons TV show are more manly than Hagee who has probably not moved anything more than a Twinkie into his mouth.


  3. “Me thinks thou doth protest too much”… there are two kinds of ministers, those who minister to their flock, and those who leech off others. Hagee is clearly the latter, and probably an agent of satan himself, which is why he throws in a little hate for good measure. Satan spawn back to Hell!


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