China’s Olympics Best-Case Scenario – James Miles

by matttbastard

China correspondent for The Economist James Miles outlines what would be the best possible scenario for China during the 2008 summer Olympics.

Related: Kerry Brown on China, the Olympics and ‘the globalisation of sentiment’; Amnesty International report: People’s Republic of China: The Olympics countdown – broken promises (PDF); more from AFP on how “China is using the Beijing Olympics as a pretext to pursue — and in some cases tighten — a crackdown on human rights”.

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2 thoughts on “China’s Olympics Best-Case Scenario – James Miles

  1. China is the world’s leading executioner and the biggest jailer of journalists and dissident bloggers. It uses torture and censors the Internet and the media.

    Is anyone going to hold China to account on the promises it made that hosting the Olympics would improve human rights in China?

    For a start China said in July 2001: “We will give the media complete freedom to report when they come to China.”

    And that hasn’t happened.

    Act now –


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