Things That Aren’t Cool

by matttbastard

Today’s example: Slanderously appropriating catastrophic events in someone’s life just to rig some Mean Girls redux game of “See? I told you those women are walking the razor’s edge!”

Great–you’ve won a postcard from Clueville with the words “get a life” written on the back in cherry red lipstick.

Look, I can’t for the life of me see any difference between comments like these and the recent decision rendered by Alberta Justice Peter McIntyre.  Rape/VAW apologia is wrong, regardless of who is spouting it.


Your Feminazi membership card ain’t no pass for hyping a passive aggressive variation on “she was asking for it”, y0. It should be obvious, but obviously bears repeating: women never, ever invite anything upon themselves.  There is no fucking excuse for violation of bodily sovereignty.


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4 thoughts on “Things That Aren’t Cool

  1. Sarah: I am quite sure of that ;-)

    Ren: NP :-)

    belle: She has a new job and is now working nights, has some schoolish-related activities that have also been appropriating her time. Although she has promised to post something new (admittedly a while ago, but I’m not above resorting to guilt…)


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