The Representation of White Perfection

by matttbastard

Professor, What If has embarked on a series of posts exploring how a consumption-obsessed culture in the US has continued to perpetuate the all-encompassing notion “that whiteness (in food, bodies, clothing, etc) is ideal”:

What if we woke up to the fact that white is not right, that brown bread is healthier, that teeth naturally yellow, that white t-shirts are boring, that, for god/dess sake, a white anus is darn right unnatural and unnecessary? Whiteness doesn’t do a body good-what it does is confer white skin privilege-a privilege that allows those with white skin to walk through the world with many advantages through no actions of their own. But [these] privileges are not good in the entire scheme of things for white skinned people either because what they perpetuate is a racist, colorist world that harms everyone-white people included.

As they say, read the whole damn thing.

h/t Renee

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4 thoughts on “The Representation of White Perfection

  1. Let me get this straight. The professor contends that advertising compaigns that emphasized the whiteness of milk were a reinforcement of white privilege?

    What should we make of chocolate and coffee commercials that emphasizes their deep, rich color?

    It must be easy writing about racism these days. All you have to do is take the color of common everyday items and relate that to racism. Recently someone complained about the term “black hole”.

    I presume this blogger is a university professor. It’s no wonder that humanities departments are held in such contempt these days. They’ve worked at it so hard.


  2. I presume, taking into account your contributions in other forums, that your signal-to-(white)-noise ratio is grossly imbalanced. It’s no wonder knuckle-dragging trolls are held in such contempt these days. They’ve worked at it so hard.


  3. If by “knuckling-dragging troll” you mean someone who doesn’t buy into the hypocrisy and vacuousness of identity politics, then I stand guilty as charged.


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