On Rite Aid’s LGBTQI Outreach Program…

by matttbastard

One (facetiously) wonders if blatant homophobia like this would be considered a “[matter] of conscience” under Bill C-537:

Also see Good as You, Queerty, and Paula the Surf Mom, who also provides the following contact information for those who would like to *ahem* politely discuss the matter with Rite Aid:

By Phone

(717) 731-6566 or (717) 975-5718

By E-Mail

By U.S. Mail

Rite Aid Corporation
Customer Support
P.O. Box 3165
Harrisburg, PA 17105

h/t Liss

Update: The latest from Queerty:

A concerned and peppy Rite Aid spokeswoman just gave us a call to inform us that neither Tom Marquez nor any other Rite Aid employee had anything to do with the lamentable sign. She also told us that the sign’s message “doesn’t represent the views of Rite Aid or their employees.” The police have been contacted and they’re trying to track down the culprit, who Rite Aid hopes will be prosecuted to “the fullest extent of the law” for this “vandalism.” The spokeswoman also used the word “appalled” to describe her and her peers’ feelings about the alleged homophobia. Thanks for the clarification, Rite Aid!

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4 thoughts on “On Rite Aid’s LGBTQI Outreach Program…

  1. Pardon me while I have just the tiniest problem believing that “neither Tom Marquez nor any other Rite Aid employee had anything to do with the lamentable sign” … I’m just sayin’.


  2. Well, as a private business, its there right to act that way. Its also their right to go out of business for turning away customers.

    Perhaps they can be assisted with that last part…


  3. All I’m caught wondering about is how it’s possible for a store to believe in anything. I wasn’t aware stores had sentience, much less beliefs… If it’s just bad verbiage to imply that the management of that particular store are the people with the beliefs, then does that mean the employees all agree? What about when they’re not at work? Too weird that we have this type of dynamic in thinking and can accept statements such as that without first asking how the logic behind the statement was ever allowed to exist, rather than being aborted as bizarre and meaningless, much less how we, as a society, can somehow accept that those kinds of political persuasions should be in any way related to economic activity (I.E. “We don’t want your money if you’re gay because your money just offends us” or some equally strange reasoning as that). Sometimes I wonder if I’m living in a satirical story being told by someone who has a very bad sense of humor. Either that, or economic good sense can sometimes be found doing a death spiral down the toilet of human nature. Go figure.


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