What Would You Do for a Monkey?

by matttbastard

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12 thoughts on “What Would You Do for a Monkey?

  1. A million gazillion lols, mattt — that is one of the most brilliant-funny things I’ve ever seen.

    I remember fondly the classic debate at the Cambridge Union between Germaine Greer and Wm F. Buckley Jr back in the 1970s, which I’m sure is around on vid somewhere, has to be. Their subject: feminism. It wasn’t as funny as this, but they knew their fancy footwork.

    Thanks for this.


  2. stolen ;)

    The husband was quite amused too – even more so since his father is from Cambridge and his mother is from Oxford…

    Will you watch the game tonight? It is supposed to be attractive, with two attackminded teams.


  3. I only saw the second half (I did a 3 mile city run, started with a running club 3 months ago. Yay me ;) ). I didn’t know whom to root for. Kroatie played well and attractive (I hate defensive teams hoping for a counter, even if they usually win), but I was impressed with the previous Turkish miracle. After I saw the second half I roothed for neither…. too scared to take any riscs, both of the teams.
    The prolongation was kind of boring too, since they all seemed to be exhausted. I was slightly confused ’cause I thought EC did ‘sudden death’ too, so I thought they really ought to go for it. But I was wrong and just before time they really went for it. The croation guy scored and since I had just learned that he had received two kidney transplant (brother-failed, father- worked) I was pretty happy for him. I admired the Turks for not giving in, for keeping the fight going even though it was obviously hopeless…. and than the second goal came.
    My husband (who doesn’t like football) came to see what all my squeeking was about, I am a rather enthousiastic football watcher ;)

    The penalties were much more exciting after that game. And when the Croats missed and got one stopped I think every Dutch football fan sympathized. We have a reputation in that area…


  4. Not about yesterdays game I’m afraid. Though we’re used to playing nice football and not winning anything significant, so we’ll adapt easily. I do hope Spain wins tonight though, it’d be nice to have a least 1 groupwinner through and they usually play the more attractive football.


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