PSA: Michelle Obama Watch

by matttbastard

From the creators of What About Our Daughters:

Michelle Obama Watch is a nonpartisan effort to monitor the media’s treatment and depiction of Michelle Obama, the most visible African American woman in popular culture. Michelle Obama Watch will become the repository of the good, the bad, the ugly and the indifferent.

Add Michelle Obama Watch to your bookmarks/blogroll/RSS feeds.


What About Our Daughters has received credentials to cover the 2008 Democratic National Convention. We are asking for your support in making sure that the voices, stories, and perspectives of African American women and girls are woven into the fabric of this historic event!Please consider donating by clicking our donate button in the sidebar.

Please give what you can and help WAOD make it to Denver!

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7 thoughts on “PSA: Michelle Obama Watch

  1. Is Obama’s wife any different than other politician’s wife! No she is not! The Obama’s better learn to take the heat as well as they dish it out or get out of politics!
    Did someone say babymama?


  2. Heh. Cindy McCain doesn’t need to be smeared by the Obamas. Her own husband does a super job of it himself by calling her a cunt. In public.

    Don’t mess with Michelle, troll.


  3. Michelle Obama is not the most popular Black American female that is Oprah. And Goodtimepolitics is right she should be down for whatever criticism they get.


  4. Yeah, she should just be down with being referred to as a babymama or whatever other racial slur is thrown her way. Comes with the territory, eh? Like being a blogger sometimes means you get called a douchebag.


  5. Butbutbut the Obamas are nothing but pawns of international capital, which makes any and all racist smears hinging upon racist stereotypes that affect all POC, men and women, regardless of ideological affiliation, totally ok (‘elitism’: it’s no longer just a right-wing dogwhistle for ‘uppity’).

    Pseudo-Socialist FAIL.


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