by Isabel.

If you want to avoid spoilers for the new Transformers movie, I recommend that you don’t read the leaked call sheet. However, you probably still want to check out the new girly-bot that is set to appear in the anticipated sequel.

Pink paintjob? Check.
High-heeled shoes? (wtf???) Check.
Barbified body type? Jesus-fucking-check.

Vomiting all over my keyboard in disgust? Check, check, and a slimy pile of more check.

Why does a motorcycle need breasts?

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7 thoughts on “Transformette!

  1. We’ve heard that the character known as Arcee was considered for the initial film but was discarded so as not to confuse the audience with multiple gendered robots.

    Yes, because more than one gender is so confusing. Good thing people only come in one! /snark.


  2. Shit, fuck, DAMN.

    Somebody said the reason she was replaced with Ironhide was that the fans didn’t like the idea. WELL NO DUH, if your attempt at female robots sucks that much!!!

    They reproduce using the Allspark. THERE IS NO REASON FOR GENDER. A realistic approach would be to have them, upon encountering a species for whom gender is cognate with personhood, be a mixture of “he’s” and “she’s” based on personal preference and MINOR differences in body shape, posture, voice, et cetera.

    My version of Arcee is 20 feet tall (some of the “male” robots are 15-18 feet, much less slender, and NOT PINK.

    There is not enough facepalm on Earth or Cybertron for this. What is it called, when people project onto other cultures (especially ones they create) their own prejudices and assumptions, making them like us even though there’s no reason for it? There is no reason whatsoever for them to have multiple sexes on their own, and certainly not a decorative sex.


    (Yeah, fan here, in case you couldn’t tell.)


  3. Color me simultaneously horrified and relieved. I was envisioning something more like the vodka or beer bots that flourish in advertising. But this, this is pretty fucking bad all the same. Were I a fembot, I would be sleek and black and made of DOOM! Just like in real life.


  4. I’ll be a purist her and point out in addition to the obvious problems with Arcee that she was actually a car not a motocycle. Would making her a car require her to be too big or something. Goodness.

    That callsheet mentions Devestator. If he is not a group of five construction vehicles (even if not the same five) I will not watch this movie until DVD. Seriously.


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