Re: Impeachment

by matttbastard

What Stageleft said:

[M]y bet is that both the [House] and the Senate will shrug and opt for no controversy because there’s an election coming and everybody knows that Bush is done for anyway.

The word cowards comes to mind.

Indeed.  Show us the stained dress, Keebler. Otherwise, it’s a sure bet the impeachment option will, in the immortal words of House Leader Nancy Pelosi, remain “off the table”, and the vicious circle will continue unbroken:

Related: CSPAN Junkie has posted Kucinich’s presentation to the US House of Representatives in its entirety.

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3 thoughts on “Re: Impeachment

  1. While there can be no doubt the Mr. Kucinich is behind the general thrust of the bill – he would do well to spend more time in it’s actual writing.

    it may not result in impeachment, but it hopefully will show to Ms. Pelosi that it is far less than divisive, but is a popular and sensible move.


  2. Whooee! Congress, including most Dems, was complicit in Bush’s criminality. They simply can’t afford to open 35 cans of worms.

    Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dee. Barack? We’ll see.



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