The Speech

by matttbastard

My favourite part of Clinton’s concession speech:

You can be so proud that, from now on, it will be unremarkable for a woman to win primary state victories…unremarkable to have a woman in a close race to be our nominee, unremarkable to think that a woman can be the president of the United States. And that is truly remarkable, my friends.

Also, what Dana Goldstein said:

Clinton has single-handedly changed the contours of our public debate about gender and politics, and even the roster of that debate’s contributors. That’s good for women, good for democracy, and good for progressivism. So Hillary Clinton, thank you.

Of course, I’ll be really poppin’ champagne corks when it becomes unremarkable for a woman of colour to win primary states, be in a close Democratic party nomination race, become POTUS (Michelle Obama in 2016!)

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9 thoughts on “The Speech

  1. But Michelle has never really been interested in politics, I thought it was kind of weird that she took her husband to her application interview to see wether he approved the boss, and appearantly ‘wife of’ is considered dynastic in the US.
    I’d be more inclined to groom Donna Edwards for the job.


  2. appearantly ‘wife of’ is considered dynastic in the US.

    Unless one was married to Sonny Bono. Cher in 2016!

    Pithy one liners aside, I too highly doubt Michelle Obama has any interest in seeking higher office. And, considering the treatment she’s already beginning to receive from the general public and the press, I think by then she’ll have long since replaced Hitlery as the preferred outlet for collective misogyny, heavily seasoned with (if not coated in) racism.

    BTW, are you coming back to ObWi any time soon? Gary was asking after you. Um, it’s still kinda…well, I don’t like a lot of the new people, and I don’t blame you if you don’t feel like coming back is worth the effort.


  3. Gary wrote to me actually, which was very kind.
    I miss ‘ObWi that was’ (/me channels Joss Whedon), I’m not sure I’ll like participating in ObWi that is. I even removed them from my RSS feeder after the ‘Zimbabwe’ distortion from Hilzoy.

    They probabely would still see me as some kind of troll to be honest, so I might not add anything in any case. I’ll give it some time and might lurk a bit later on. You?


  4. I mostly lurk these days, out of loyalty to Hil, even if she’s made several missteps as of late. I’ve always preferred it when the mainpagers utilize their areas of expertise, or focused on stories outside the Memeorandum mainstream, rather than commenting on the high traffic issue du jour.

    And publius and his crew are…not my cup of tea. Find it hard not to egregiously violate the posting rules when a newbie throws his or her weight around at the expense of a longtime poster (eg, someone recently accused xanax of ‘concern trolling’ for expressing genuine concern about potential MSM blowback re: Obama’s dodgy spiritual advisors. Luckily Hil stepped in before I clicked ‘post’ on my gasket-blowing response.)

    Must admit Charles’ retro war cheerleading made me remember the good ol’ days when we all had a common object of legitimate contempt (he’s giving the occupation at least another Friedman unit, thanks to the brilliant PR efforts of Petraeus and Crocker–big surprise, eh?)

    The atmosphere has recently somewhat gotten better (ie, less myopic) with the addition of Eric Martin to the main page. Still, the best part about ObWi used to be the comments.

    I can’t say that anymore.

    And, if you’re reading this, Hil, it’s nothing personal. If you want further clarification, shoot me an email.


  5. Sorry, late reply. The summer holiday starts in 3 weeks in our region (the Netherlans is divided in three regions for school holidays, to create a spread) so there are school trips, birthday parties, teacher conversations, etc.

    Also, the Netherlands is caught in football frenzy (or soccermania as you would call it). We beat the Italian world champions 3-0 last night :D

    I checked TiO, but you are not there either… I might comment there, but since I don’t want to talk to Turb anymore I am in no rush. I did put both blogs back in the RSS feeder, that’s a start ;)

    And Hilzoy has my email address too.


  6. I saw that match! Heh. Good for you–Italy is loathsome (as a football power, I mean :P)

    Well, I tend to lurk on TiO, mainly because of, yes, Turb. S/he’s not the most endearing new personality in the community. Seems to try and dominate discussion out of sheer volume and repetition.

    Am quite glad to see that you’ve renewed your subscriptions. :-)


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