Apparently God does hand out cookies

by sassywho

As a resident of Kansas, I can’t tell you how much I laughed my ass off reading this trademark lawsuit, which basically boils down to a pissing contest between 2 anti-abortion extremists. I’ll break it down for ya: one charismatic dude is pissed off because another charismatic dude stole his namesake. This happened largely because extremist dude #1 (aka Randall Terry) did not register/trademark his gravy-train organization, the infamous radical anti-choice activist group Operation Rescue, fearing monetary damages  as a result of decades of harassment directed towards abortion providers (and women exercising their right to choose). Extremist dude #2 (aka Troy Neman) apparently saw the $$ signs and capitalized on the namesake and bidnez of embryo-saving.

It’s a long statement from extremist dude #1, and it does choke you up a bit when you read the part of how the guy lost his family, spent time in jail and basically became a savior for unborn bayyybeees, yet he couldn’t even save his own family from such unchristian-like behaviors. Honestly though, what would a trademark lawsuit be without the discussion of monetary value? The stakes are high when using a brand that became famous by terrorizing women and health care providers, and Extremist dude # 2 can’t afford to lose his place in the anti-choice hierarchy.

The pdf file is a bit lengthy to give a brief synopsis. However, it is summer, and if you are looking for a trashy read that includes Jimmy Buffet, The Chronicles of Narnia, bullies, threats and good ol’ fashioned blackmail, go check it out. Or, you can always wait for that used-car salesman snake oil salesman Troy Newman to roll into town with his Truth Trucks; I’m sure he would be happy to tell you why using the name Operation Rescue is valuable necessary.

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