Apparently God does hand out cookies

by sassywho

As a resident of Kansas, I can’t tell you how much I laughed my ass off reading this trademark lawsuit, which basically boils down to a pissing contest between 2 anti-abortion extremists. I’ll break it down for ya: one charismatic dude is pissed off because another charismatic dude stole his namesake. This happened largely because extremist dude #1 (aka Randall Terry) did not register/trademark his gravy-train organization, the infamous radical anti-choice activist group Operation Rescue, fearing monetary damages  as a result of decades of harassment directed towards abortion providers (and women exercising their right to choose). Extremist dude #2 (aka Troy Neman) apparently saw the $$ signs and capitalized on the namesake and bidnez of embryo-saving.

It’s a long statement from extremist dude #1, and it does choke you up a bit when you read the part of how the guy lost his family, spent time in jail and basically became a savior for unborn bayyybeees, yet he couldn’t even save his own family from such unchristian-like behaviors. Honestly though, what would a trademark lawsuit be without the discussion of monetary value? The stakes are high when using a brand that became famous by terrorizing women and health care providers, and Extremist dude # 2 can’t afford to lose his place in the anti-choice hierarchy.

The pdf file is a bit lengthy to give a brief synopsis. However, it is summer, and if you are looking for a trashy read that includes Jimmy Buffet, The Chronicles of Narnia, bullies, threats and good ol’ fashioned blackmail, go check it out. Or, you can always wait for that used-car salesman snake oil salesman Troy Newman to roll into town with his Truth Trucks; I’m sure he would be happy to tell you why using the name Operation Rescue is valuable necessary.

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Pastor John Hagee: “The Antichrist is a dispatch deep from the recesses of my id!” and other NOOZ!

by matttbastard

(video created by Bruce Wilson of

Dunno, Max–I think it needs more “hootin’ and hollerin'” to achieve the vaunted threshold of ‘NOOZworthy’.  Speanking of NOOZ, a friend of a friend of an ex-CIA ratfucker tells me that FoxNews has locked up teh mysterious Michelle Obama ‘whitey’ video in Al Capone’s vault!!!11 What was that about wingnuts pole vaulting over bbq’d shark?

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Paul Collier: 4 ways to improve the lives of the “bottom billion”

by matttbastard

Around the world right now, one billion people are trapped in poor or failing countries. How can we help them? Economist Paul Collier lays out a bold, compassionate plan for closing the gap between rich and poor.

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