I write letters to the enemy

Dear Wingnuttia,

Congratulations. With this latest five-alarm inferno of assembly-line red-baiting stupid you have finally roasted the shark that you gleefully keep jumping over and covered its charred remains in a burial shroud that maybe-kinda-sorta looks like scary Muslim head gear. Try not to choke on any donuts in the midst of your perpetual orgy of faux-outrage.

Hugs and kisses,


(h/t maha)

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One thought on “I write letters to the enemy

  1. Y’know, mattt, I think you have to get over your bourgeois repression and learn how to tell us what you really feel. ;-)

    Och, mattt — will we all be sane when this is all over, if it ever is? I’m trying to imagine the media landscape if Obama actually gets elected … and I’m failing. Will the Energizer Bunnies like Malkin just keep on keeping on? There have to be limits, but I can’t imagine them.


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