by matttbastard

Congratulations to erstwhile bastard.logician sassywho for recently completing her undergraduate studies (onward ho to grad school!) Feel free to show her some love in comments. Who knows–maybe a concerted ego-stroking effort will convince her to start contributing more often.



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5 thoughts on “Congratulations

  1. haha, gracias. and i’ll take that nudge nudge as a compliment. of course, the rest of you have been kicking so much ass it makes me look bad :)


  2. thanks prole and purtek, my 1st next step is MA in sociology. then who knows? well, there are a few ideas but i’m just putting one foot in front of the other right now.


  3. Congratulations! That’s wonderful!

    Hold out for the PhD. Really. What’s another 4yrs, right? And after that much work, you can make everyone call you Dr. Sassywho. (c;

    I am. My kids will call me Dr. Mom. Even my parents will have to call me Dr. Christina. If I ever get into college, that is.


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