Catch of the Day

by Isabel

Trannycat Doll lead singer(?), Nicole Scherzinger, has taken the first step in dispelling all the rumors that everyone in this group has cocks by getting out of a car at Villa in Hollywood. Despite what my ex-girlfriend tells you, I’ve seen a lot of vaginas up close, so I’m comfortable saying this chick has one. I guess this is good news. She also looks like Pocahontas, so if you’re thinking about raping her, you can say it was just for a history project.

Wow. Just woowwww.

Update (matttbastard): Liss breaks out the teaspoon and serves up some stats on rape and Indigenous women. Also see this video, Sexual Violence Against Indigenous Women.  Oh, and fuck you and your transphobia, too, Todd.

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8 thoughts on “Catch of the Day

  1. wow indeed. haven’t seen a cesspool of a comments area that murky since i used to troll yahoo! groups.

    foetid, i think, is the operative word.

    going on my web site blacklist. thanks.


  2. I don’t know where to start–the transphobia? The misogyny? The racism? A tainted feast of privileged asshattery, in less than 100 words.

    And the comments! Murky? Yeah, I think I saw alligators swimming around:

    “She also looks like Pocahontas, so if you’re thinking about raping her, you can say it was just for a history project”
    Once again, pure gold! Best commentary on the net, hands down! give this guy a raise!

    By Chris D, on May 12, 2008 11:24:39

    I always thought she was kind of hot, but the rest of the Trannycat Dolls are so ugly I wouldn’t go near them with TODD’s dick. I mean the redhead is like Amanda Lepore’s uglier brother.

    By thebig28, on May 12, 2008 11:57:19

    funny, she looks armenian to me. all armenian women are tranny drag queens tucking their cocks up between their asscrack, at least here in LA.

    By cucaracha, on May 12, 2008 12:06:18

    I don’t get why people find her attractive. She looks like an indian chief in one of those old movies.

    By anonymous, on May 12, 2008 17:05:45



  3. I can’t think up an emoticon to approximate the face I’m making. Suffice it to say that it’s the kind of thing that makes mothers everywhere warn that one’s face might freeze like that.

    … after seeing those comments, I think it might just have done so. *twitches*


  4. Stunned shock (followed by face-freezing rage) seems to be a near-universal response to this from the non-asshole community.

    Am trying to choke down the gorge enough to check out his other posts on the “Trannycat Dolls” (gah).


  5. Wow. It’s all there – the transphobia (obsess over trans genitals), the racism (she looks like Pocahantas, so go ahead and rape her for science), and sexism (she looks like Pocahantas, etc).

    The comments are beyond obnoxious.


  6. You know, I had a throw-down with those people a year ago after some racist shit about an Asian American woman went down. After that, I stopped reading it entirely. There are other gossip blogs where I don’t have to deal with that shit. They are total assholes there.


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