Riding Off Into the Sunset

by matttbastard

Uncle Steve on his lame-duck BFF:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper praised outgoing U.S. President George W. Bush for never promising anything he could not deliver as the two began a 48-hour North American leaders’ summit.

But it was unclear Monday whether anything will be promised, much less delivered, during the fourth annual Security and Prosperty[sic] Partnership meeting among Harper, Bush and Mexican President Felipe Calderon.


“What I appreciate most, what I’ve appreciated in our relationship over the past couple of years, is the fact that whether we agree or disagree, we’re always able to talk very frankly, very upfront,” Harper said at a photo opportunity Monday after an hour-long meeting with Bush.

“The president has never promised me anything he couldn’t deliver and that’s always appreciated.”

Ok.  I’m certainly not privy to what has gone on over the years during Dubya and Dear Leader’s “frank” and “upfront” conversations, so take my BDS-addled opinion with a healthy chunk of rock salt. Still, I’m not holding my breath while I await the arrival of that pony named “Democracy in the Middle East” (along with its dapple-grey sidekick, “Weapons of Mass Destruction”) that was supposed to have been delivered sometime after the fall of Baghdad.

h/t Lulu

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