4 thoughts on “I Write Letters

  1. Heh. I guess all this nonsense (second Guardian column I’ve seen this week) is pouring out because the movie is coming? How many versions of “Feminism didn’t cure me of being shallow and I hate that and I’m glad” can we take?


  2. You totally mean business when you’re signing off as mattt-fucking-bastard.

    I only got this far in the article:

    I think secretly, though, that I find these women so repulsive and annoying because I’m confronted with my own inanity and futility as a western woman when I watch this show.

    …before my head exploded.

    Right, then. And here I thought *I* found them repulsive and annoying because they were repulsive, annoying, inane, futile and anti-feminist. I must be *seriously* lost in this denial thing.


  3. i jsut read ”no mans land ” what a silly little girl you are , obviously you were a easy target for the marketing vultures , im sure the forced generic experiences to wrote about will haunt you for the rest of your life , i want my 24dollars back .


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