Popcorn Sunday: The F-Word

by matttbastard

The stigma and antagonism over the term feminism has been somewhat inundated and strategic for the past two and three decades. With much emphasis on stereotypes like “bra-burners” “man-haters” “angry lesbians” “hairy-legged hippies” with “no sense of humor” the feminist movement and its correlating theories has been somewhat damaged and smeared. Documentary filmmaker Adelin Gasana sets out in this introspective documentary journey to find out what is at the heart of this aversion of the subject of feminism and seeks to find the constructive meaning toward the word. Through his journey Gasana embarks on feminist theorists, feminist activists, feminists authors, and the lay public on the present influence and acknowledgement of feminism through its gender and race relations. Historical implications of the American women’s liberation movement and key issues of women’s identity, social status, and pressures are all raised as well.

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