More On Acceptable and Unacceptable Victims

by matttbastard

Christina with the question (and subsequent answer) of the day:

[What] if Hope Steffey had been black? Or an immigrant? Or gay? Or trans? Or poor? We would have immediately wondered what she had done. When we heard that she’d handed the cop the wrong ID, we would probably have thought she was trying to pull something. When we heard that she demanded it back, we might have assumed she “gave the cop attitude”. She might have gotten the benefit of the doubt that she hadn’t caused it somehow or that the reaction had been out-of-proportion to the infraction but there would have been a doubt there–there must be in order to get a “benefit of”.


Also make sure to check out the AlterNet article that provoked Christina’s musings, along with the related discussion at Feministe.

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I Write Letters (Another Meme Stolen From Melissa McEwan)

by matttbastard

Dear Yankee Progressives,

Speaking as a global citizen who has been forced to watch helplessly over the past 8 years as your cocaine cowboy resident-in-chief and his motley posse of sociopathic right-wing banditos have done their goddamndest to roll back pretty much every advance in Western civilization that has occurred since the dawn of the Enlightenment, I really, really don’t want to see John Sidney McSame inherit the third term slot and continue Dubya and Dead Eye’s dubious, destructive legacy (100 years or bust! Bomb, bomb Iran! Habeus Whatus?!), all because myopic Democratic activists, punch-drunk with extended primary season passion and loathing for each respective Democratic Party champion, kept doing the GOP and MSM’s dirty work for them until it was too fucking late.

So how about y’all remember who the real fucking enemy is (hint: not Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama), before it is too late and “4 more years!” is the headline on November 6th, m’kay?

(Oh, and can we agree that the Kewl Kidz in the Beltway press corps have heavily trafficked in both racism and misogyny in their primary coverage? There’s no pass when your very existence challenges the established white male paradigm. The only candidate who’s getting a pass from the media is The Maverick.)

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Story Time With the MSM

by matttbastard

Digby on the NY Times, Andrea Mitchell, and the latest iteration of the “Hillary is a lying liar” meme:

You may hate Clinton with everything in your being, and that’s fine. But this kind of journalism is what’s killing our political system and what gets people like John McCain and George W. Bush elected. Clinton was repeating a story about bad health care which she heard on the campaign trail from an American citizen. She wasn’t tooting her own horn or putting down her opponent in the telling of it. She was illustrating the plight of the uninsured in this country, which even if it turns out to not be specifically correct in the details, is certainly not something that doesn’t happen every day to somebody in this country.

In fact, I suspect this particular “gotcha” is being done to degrade the argument against universal health care as much as to embarrass Senator Clinton. The Clinton Rules state that if any part of a story is proven true, the entire story is true. The corollary is that if any part of a story about a Republican is proved to be false then the entire story is false. The same concept is at work with health care here. If any detail about bad health care in the US can be shown as false, then notions that our health care system is screwed up are also false. Get ready for more of this. I don’t know if it will work, but if they can get the media to play it like this, then the subliminal subtext going out there is that Democrats are lying about health care. They don’t have to convince everybody, just a few.

Please, read the whole damn thing, and remember: the Clinton rules apply just as much to Obama.

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