PSA: Colombia: Protest murder of Leonidas Gomez Rozo

by matttbastard

Via Eric Lee @ LabourStart:

April 8 will mark one month since the murder of Leonidas Gomez Rozo, leader of the National Union of Bank Workers of Colombia (UNEB). We are deeply impressed by the courage of our unions in Colombia and their desire to continue the struggle in a nation where 2,574 unionists have been murdered in the past two decades. As a modest but important step to keep the pressure on the Colombian authorities, UNI Global Union would like each of you to send a message to Colombian embassies around the world. Please send this message during the week of April 7.

Click here to send a message to Colombian embassies worldwide.

Background: The Center for International Policy has more on the “serious wave of threats”–including assassinations–that have been directed towards Colombian trade union and human rights activists by right wing paramilitary and state forces (h/t Tom Burghardt). Also see More Below-the-Radar Terrorism: Union-Busting Edition.

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