Typical Vultures

by matttbastard


Elle wins the internets:

For all the people holding on to Obama’s “typical white person” comment as if it prize carrion and you are starved vultures… Stop fronting. You are not as much concerned with what that comment meant as you are:
1) glad to have an acceptable excuse for why you can’t possibly vote for him (knowing damned well you weren’t in the first place)
2) peeved (as I read over and over) that neither HRC nor McCain “could make that comment about a person of color.”
In fact, you’re so up in arms over point number two that you fail to realize that saying that reveals what kind of comment you’d like to make; that you do, indeed, have some notions about a “typical person of color.” I mean Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton wouldn’t be as upset as you predict if you said something positive about the “typical black person.”
And though it seems Obama’s comment has been taken out of context, even if he had been saying the typical white person has “racist issues”… Stop fronting. You haven’t been spouting that “I’m colorblind” line so long that even you actually believe it now, have you? You don’t believe that the vast majority of white Americans can have been born in a country founded, in part, on white supremacist ideology (ideology that has been reinforced, perpetuated, upheld, SUSTAINED!) and emerged into adulthood having neither benefited from nor internalized any of that?

h/t Melissa

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5 thoughts on “Typical Vultures


    Ok, I just posted this to a thread on this subject:

    “Pfft. I would use the term “typical”, given my own experiences with morons clutching their cheap-assed dollar store purses to their chests.

    If people are frightened of me (I grew up in Northern Ontario and not exactly in ghetto-fabulous surroundings), then I can only imagine what they do with a 6 foot black male.

    Do we really have to pretend that racism doesn’t exist? Give me a break.”

    Yeah, you and I both know that “typical” is the right word. “Typical” for the record, doesn’t say that there aren’t exceptions – just that this behaviour is TYPICAL.

    I think these people who are all “offended” should feel free to consider themselves ATYPICAl, then.


  2. I’m sorry. Yes, they do actually believe it. They do. They don’t believe they were born into a country founded on racist principles. They really don’t believe they have received any benefits at all from being white but really do feel that blacks “get” stuff just for being black. Rugged individualism tells them that they enter this world as a blank slate and everything they get is from their own hard work. I mean, even Tucker Carlson believes this despite having a multi-millionaire daddy. IOW, being white in this country means learning to fool oneself, learning a level of denial, that is mind-boggling. And they hang on to that denial with a fervency that even the most extreme religious nut would be hard-pressed to maintain. The folks screaming the loudest about the “typical” comment are those who need to hear it the most and never, ever will.


  3. I made the horrid mistake of tuning into CNN today while I was at my Dad’s place, and encountered Lou “illegal” Dobbs and some Gord-forsaken panel of talking heads pontificating about Obama’s “typical white person” comment. It was a pitch-perfect example of how mainstream media outlets work to narrowly define the acceptable parameters of discussion. I mean seriously, here’s Obama going perhaps one, maybe two *small* steps in the right direction towards some semblance of semi-honest discussion of race and racism in Amurrika, and in blusters Dobbs and his “panel,” all of whom are wistfully remembering the good old days when the doctrine of “colorblindness” reigned supreme (I believe the talking head from the Warshington Post actually said something like “I miss colorblindness” – she was white). Obama’s step or two forward, Dobbs’ gigantic leap back into the warm fuzzy bubble of white-privileged ignorance.

    This all reminds me of why I don’t have cable, but it also makes me livid that a soundly-thrashed-by-people-smarter-than-me concept like “reverse racism” is still the essential fall-back position for whites in the US (and Canada too, of course) whenever a PoC says something that makes them uncomfy.


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