8 thoughts on “Harlan Ellison: “I don’t take a piss without gettin’ paid for it!”

  1. Harlan is a pitbull when it comes to writers getting what is deserved, whether credit, creative control, or monetary reward. No one–and I do mean no one–rants like Harlan; his introductions to his many, many short story collections alone are worth the price of purchase. One of my favourites is the intro to Slippage, which juxtaposes a mid-90s earthquake that destroyed Harlan’s LA home with the subsequent heart attack that nearly killed him (everything falls apart and more).

    He’s a national fucking treasure on so many levels.


  2. I met Harlan in 1978, and he was fulminating non-stop even then. Talk about your Type-A personalities; I’m surprised it took him so long to have a heart attack, frankly.

    That pit bull quality comes at a high price, I think, but yeah, I love him too. :)


  3. Gotta love this video and his pitbull nature.

    I watch it on a regular basis, it keeps me focused and reminds me I’m in the right about getting paid.

    Adam Adshead


  4. I think he’s right on. I’m a professional writer. This is how I make a living and feed my family. If every writer took this advice to heart we would all be treated with more respect and better rates.


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