Wanker of the Day (Bill C-484 edition)

by matttbastard


Peter “Tony Blair, Jr.” Stoffer.

Please take a moment to ask the Right Hon. Shithead from Sackville–Eastern Shore why he decided to break ranks with the Dippers and vote in favour of Ken Epp’s stealth abortion ban (h/t pogge for the link). Remember, honey trumps vinegar, even if the sweetness is laced with righteous vitriol. In other words, try to avoid unnecessary ad homs like “the Right Hon. Shithead from Sackville–Eastern Shore” in your correspondence.

Contact info:

Parliament Hill:
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6
Tel: 613-995-5822

2900 Hwy #2
Fall River, N.S. B2T 1W4
Tel: 902-861-2311
Fax: 902-861-4620

Riding Association
58 Haddad Drive
Lower Sackville, NS B4C 4A5
Tel: (902) 471-7996
President: Mat Whynott

Oh, and don’t forget to ask Smilin’ Jack whatever happened to the NDP’s commitment to women’s rights and reproductive freedom, and whether Stoffer will face any consequences for breaking ranks.


There is only one party in Parliament which is steadfastly committed to women’s equality and that’s the New Democratic Party. The NDP believes that women’s equality is fundamental to this country and is committed to achieving it in every walk of life – from the makeup of the House of Commons, to pay equity, to childcare. Women make up 41% of the NDP caucus – the highest proportion of women Members of Parliament in Canadian history.

New Democrats have always stood side-by-side with women’s groups to support equality. Whether speaking out on issues like choice on abortion, breaking the silence on violence against women, electing the first female leader of a federal political party, pushing for proactive legislation on pay and employment equity or making sure that every piece of legislation is examined for its impact on women, the NDP is the party that has walked the talk when it comes to fighting for women’s equality.

So why aren’t all caucus members walking the talk, Mr Layton?

Contact info:

Parliament Hill:
634-C Centre Block, House of Commons
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6
Tel: (613) 947-0867
Fax: (613) 947-0868

221 Broadview Avenue, Suite 100
Toronto, ON M4M 2G3
Tel: (416) 405-8914
Fax: (416) 405-8918

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9 thoughts on “Wanker of the Day (Bill C-484 edition)

  1. Oh yay, my riding. With a small but very noisy (and annoying) contingent of Baptist and Pentecostal letter writers and hand wringers, who obviously have Mr. Stoffer’s ear.
    Ah, the vacuity of suburban religion.


  2. I can’t believe Stoffer voted in support of this bill (also my riding). I am angrily composing an email as we speak. I used to be okay with his “independent” position within the NDP. He won by 13,000 votes last election, he doesn’t NEED the support of the evangelicals in the riding (and I know for a fact he got the vote of some of those before this vote)


  3. If Mr. Layton retains Mr. Stoffer in his caucus, it simply demonstrates to me that he, like the Liberals, feel that parliamentary seats trump principles, and I’ll have to hope the Greens run a candidate in my riding when the election happens.


  4. I spoke with Stoffer today, he explained his decision to vote to send the bill to committee. I explained it over at WMTC.


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  6. Here in safe old Canada, there have been at least six fatal assaults on expectant women by men trying to kill the child in the last year, one very close to Peter Stoffer’s riding, in Dartmouth. The boyfriend stabbed his girlfriend 32 times with a sword. He’ll be out in about five years, as the police couldn’t charge him with murdering the baby the mother nearly died trying to protect.

    I don’t see any compassion , or even a small sense of fairness in the above comments. Peter did something a reasonable person should have done when he voted for C-484. Are we honest brokers of peace, we compassionate saviours of the world, going to victimize all pregnant women by depriving them of protection for their unborn children?


  7. No, what you don’t see is people willing to be blindly led by sentiment and lip service. What you don’t see is people falling for bullshit lines about “protecting women” (or fetuses for that matter) when this law would do neither.

    What you don’t see is gullibility and naivete, which apparently galls you and makes you try to spin it as, “You are bad people for not going along with out sugar coated razor blade. AND JUST YOU LOOK AT ALL THE SUGAR WE USED! (Bitches.)”

    This bill is like those awful Dutch candies filled with salt. We KNOW you don’t care about women, so your stupid tricks aren’t going to work.

    Nice try, though. Maybe next time.


  8. How ironic that the self same people who creamed their pants at the demise of any useful version of SWC and the many programs that went with it are now claiming such an interest in women’s causes.

    Too bad that the people who were advocating for women, helping women, creating programs to protect women are now without the funds or the ability to pursue government to do so.

    Though in reality there is no irony. In fact the reality is they care not a whit for women merely the product of their uterus.


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