International Women’s Day Comes Early in Canada

by matttbastard


Bill C-484 just made it past third second reading. Thanks for proving just how committed to women you and your caucus truly are, Stephane. Way to (literally) not show up!

(How does one say “fucking wanker” au Français?)

Oh, and fuck Dipper turncoat Peter Stoffer, too:

Stoffer is a populist and has been an advocate of Third Way policies championed by Tony Blair. He is affiliated with the internal party reform group NDProgress that successfully pushed the NDP to adopt a ‘one member one vote’ system to choose its leader, and which has called for limits on union influence within the party.

New Labour North is in tha Hizzouse of Commons.

Update: More from JJ and pale.

Update 2: Pro-life C-484 opponent BlastFurnace (the Raymond Gravel of the Canuckosphere–that’s a compliment, btw) weighs in.

Update 3: And Kuri.

Update 4: Heh, Berlynn has the right idea.

Update 5: Statement from Birth Pangs.

Update 6: pretty shaved ape writes letters.

Update 7: More from April Reign, jj, Dave and Cathie from Canada.

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5 thoughts on “International Women’s Day Comes Early in Canada

  1. How does one say “fucking wanker”

    “Va te faire enculer” or ” Va te faire mettre” both give the right impression.

    (Here via Avedon Carol’s blog, btw.)


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