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by matttbastard

Shark-Fu (who recently landed a gig @ RH Reality Check) debunks the “black genocide” myth re: family planning initiatives:

Charges that reproductive health service providers are conspiring to commit black genocide are a kind of intellectual mold that flourishes in the absence of the facts. Either by design or circumstance, legislation seeking to restrict access to clinics and end educational outreach programs often acts in concert with campaigns like The Genocide Awareness Project to cultivate fear of abortion providers and resentment. Constant harassment by anti-choice groups and the very real threat of violence also prevent clinics from being visible within the communities they serve, exacerbating the sense that they are not true partners and perpetuating mistrust.

Reproductive health service providers and pro-choice volunteers must continue our outreach into communities of color to prevent such claims from being accepted as the truth. In keeping with that goal, the history of eugenics and sterilization abuse in America requires that claims like those of black genocide made against reproductive service providers not be met with casual disregard. Such claims must be challenged head on even as we acknowledge a tragic history and work to insure that such acts never happen again.

As they say, read the whole damn thing.

h/t Bitch Ph.D.

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3 thoughts on “Read This Now

  1. Yes, good article. I am often at a loss when I hear the genocidal argument from pro-lifers… a view even Jesse Jackson subscribed to back in the 70s.


  2. lease sign my petition and pass it on



    Artificial Insemination used for Immigration & Paternity Fraud and the
    complete removal of this child’s rights to a father.

    Baby X has been stripped of his rights to have a father, by the State
    of New Jersey and Bergen County Courts, by a malicious plot involving
    NJ Bergen County Family Court and the corrupt Judge Edward Torack, Dr.
    Tanmoy Mukherjee, of the Mount Sinai Hospital/Reproductive Medical
    Center of New York.

    Baby X is a victim of a sinister plot by the ruling class to destroy
    Black Families and Men using the false flag of Child Support system
    and Women’s Rights. Baby X was created during unauthorized artificial
    insemination by Dr. Mukherjee and a Black Woman facing deportation for
    defrauding a university in New York City. In order to avoid
    deportation, Dr. Mukherjee and The Mother of Baby X conspired together
    to take and illegally use the semen of a Black Male US Citizen in
    order to perform an artificial insemination, and create an anchor
    baby. They also conspired to victimize the said Black Male with the
    responsibility of Child Support without his consent to an IVF.

    During hearings at NJ Bergen County Family Court, Baby X’s Father was
    able to present a copy of Baby X’s Mother’s immigration records (which
    should a history of immigration fraud conducted by Baby X’s Mother)
    and get Baby X’s Mother to admit, under questioning, that she had the
    child via Unauthorized Medical Experiment/IVF.

    Immediately after clear evidence was presented in the court, that Baby
    X was created by an via Unauthorized Medical Experiment/IVF for the
    purposes Immigration Fraud, the Father was completely banned from all
    courts and all judges – by the corrupt Judge Edward Torack of NJ
    Bergen County Family Court.

    The court ban against the Father to Baby X includes the denial of the
    following rights:

    1) Ban against a “Request for a DNA test of all parties”
    2) Access to appeal & any other judges/courts
    3) Ban against visitation between Baby X and Father X.
    4) Any modifications to Child Support, including a decrease in income
    of Father X
    5) Any ruling on evidence pertaining to immigration and paternity
    fraud in the case.

    The end result is to totally strip Father X from any rights to the
    child except to shut up and pay. He did not have a right to say when
    where and how to have a baby, and he did not have a right to have any
    representation in court. And therefore the State of New Jersey has
    stripped Baby X’s right to have a Father!


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